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Wellington Menezes de Oliveira (July 13, 1987 - April 7, 2011) was a brazilian school shooter. He killed 12 people and himself at Tasso da Silveira Municipal School, which he previously attended.


He had been a target for both verbal and physical bullying during his days at the school; he had a limp leg and was described as 'strange'. However, he was kind and friendly. He was once thrown into a garbage bin by students. Rage and resentment began to build inside him, which lasted until adulthood.

Oliveira was also obsessed with Islam, perceiving it as the 'only correct religion'. He also refers to the Virginia tech shooter, Seung-Hui Cho, as a brother and an icon for those who are oppressed by the majority.


The day of the shooting Oliveira entered the school, identifying as a former student and lying to the security guard that he was there to give a speech. Instead of giving a speech, Oliveira entered a classroom and, at first, he was very polite when he put his bag on a table. Without warning he took out his revolvers and opened fire. Of the 12 dead, 10 were girls and one boy said that Oliveira only shot at boys to stun them while he tried his best to kill the girls. However, an alternative explanation can be found in that the population of the class is predominately girls. Soon, the police arrived; Oliveira shot at them, but missed. Soon he was shot in the abdomen and legs, and as a result he fell down a staircase. He then fatally shot himself in the head.

Survivors from Columbine, the US school where Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold committed their infamous shooting spree, created a poster for Tasso da Silveira School, stating their feelings. Also, on the day of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting in the US, Tasso da Silveira School held a vigil for the children killed.