William Luther Pierce

William Luther Pierce (September 11th, 1933 - July 23rd, 2003) was an American white supremacist and political activist. He used to be a physicist by profession and also was known by his pen name Andrew Macdonald in which he wrote the most hateful novels such as The Turner Diaries (taking place in 2099, where whites have become minorities in the US and a white terrorist organization begins a global race war where in the end the only people left in the world are white people), and Hunter (which tells the tale of a white supremacist murderer in Washington DC during the 1990's where he goes around killing interracial couples and liberal journalists, and politicians). Pierce also was the founder of the white supremacist organization, National Alliance.

Oklahoma City bombing

William's book The Turner Diaries became Timothy McVeigh's inspiration to bomb the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building and resulted in the deaths of 168 people (including children) on April 19th, 1995

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