William Unek was an African American mass murderer who killed 57 people and injured 30 others in two separate spree killings across three years from 1954 to February 11th, 1957; before dying of severe burns that occurred to him. He started the attack by killing 21 people with his axe before going on a shooting spree that left 36 others dead, two years later without being caught. Two days after the attack, he was finally captured by police authorities that sent him to custody for the rest of his life with no chance of parole. He was constantly brought to talk with the judge who was deciding if William should get the death penalty, but the judge decided against it. On March 25th, 1956; William was released due to false paperwork charges. However on February 10th, 1957; when William was relaxing in his apartment, several unnamed pedestrians threw several smoke bombs and Molotov's into his room which caused massive fires. The pedestrians ran as fast as possible to not get in trouble. William managed to escape with major injuries to his arm, he was sent to the hospital but died of the injuries on February 11th, 1957. He remained the deadliest mass murderer from the late 1900's to late 2000's and still remains one of the worlds deadliest killers.